I can't do group sobs anymore.
My son is talking a lot more. It’s awesome, though a lot of it is nonsense, backwards. He keeps flipping syllables and intentions. When someone laughs…
Kinda can't stop thinking about this Rick Rubin interview.
I abuse the substance of material reaction and I mean to.
It has been 0 days since.
Why does everything feel so far away.
I want to change.
Vulcanizing the lived world

December 2022

Merry Christmas!
I was reading a bit of pop psychology about coming up with visualizations “letting thoughts float away” while my son happened to be watching an…
I’m feeling a kind of a way. Cindy suggested I write terribly, which is to say write whatever comes to mind and let it come out whatever it is, in…
Why can't I stop writing these stupid things.