I felt jealousy pass through my body like an opossum racing through the back alley connecting the row of houses to which I belong.
Mind-Body Connections
I believe the scarcity model of acclaim has led us to the insecure carriage of our enthusiasms.
Journal entry: Why do I keep buying green ‘thank you’ cards? I am yellow. I attract bees who take my liquor to a queen I don’t know. My father is gold—…
Some say we prove our intelligence by refuting God. Others say we prove it by allowing for God's existence.
I will rewrite the chapter on the heart.
I'd been smitten by a misapprehension without bothering to understand what I was looking at.
On whether the information we exchange is tolerated or understood.
au fur et à mesure
My friend Arild Stensund.
A Kendrick Lamar appreciation post
Two versions of rage