Privacy is masculine. Secrecy is feminine.

Why is privacy masculine? I know that in the formal classical sense, it is the feminine interior that is deemed deceitful, private. But if the yonus is a place of the unknown, its rectal counterpart is what never wants to be found. I realize rectums are not gender specific but most assholes are men who hide.

So why is it that hyper-valuing privacy has become such a masculine trait, after all? Conspiracy theories, Russian bot farms, anonymous comments, obscure avatars, army codes, virtual private networks, non-fungible transactions. I read the sum of these behaviors as masculine.

What’s funny is that the privacy is compelling to me as a woman because I have been trained to keep secrets my whole life. Yet I am not a private person. Are my secrets not secrets? Why has my feminine obscurity been such a deception only to myself?