Love Letter Day 13

Love Letter Day 13.

1=you 2=us 3=them 4=never 5=dinner 6=I have no idea what you smell like 7=magic 8=forever is a word 9=belief 10=power 11=music 12=time 13=irony 14=adulthood 15=fatherhood 16=maturity 17=sexual maturity 18=electoral maturity 19=time will never end 20=turquoise is a beautiful stone but I can’t get away with wearing it. It’s just not me 21=water is an element I feel every time you talk to me 22=so is air and I want to live in the parallel universe where we are pulverized. 23=michael jordan 24=hours eternities 25=let everyone know 26=self-discovery 27=thank you 28=wheat 29=in the palm of my hand 30=knots in my stomach when I think of what will never be said and I could count forever but I’ll end with my favorite number. You.