Dario HB Song

Songs about babies make me cringe but technically he wasn't a person yet so this doesn't count.

Not to be a jerk about this, because I’m not a real musician, but the only reason this is a “music video” is because I think videos are more conducive to “clicking” in for people and I like this enough to share. Otherwise I’d say the listening experience for this is better in this audio file—the heartbeat track is really cool—but you can also just close your eyes or never see this or I dunno. I recorded the HB when I was in labor and that mechanical ding-dong sound started for some reason (still not sure what triggered it and the nurses would periodically come in to turn it off without explaining why) but it was harmonizing which I thought was cool under the influence of whatever I was on (Tylenol, jello). Dario in the water feature is footage from last Summer. The notes in the lower register spell his name (extra cheesy hollerrrr) and the tracks aren’t looped so the tempo is all over the place but I was just trying to keep up with his inconsistent heart. (We’ve all heard that before amirightladies)

Can you believe people go through upwards of 24 hours of this? lol