Four Seasons Playlist

Some songs I've been playing on repeat is all I got but let's keep the line open yeah?

Been working on paid writing all week so haven’t had time to jot a daily essay of any substance for today but I want to keep talking to you. Let’s keep the line open for as long as humanly possible. Even it it sometimes means leaving the receiver by our stereos while we go and take a nap, write for other people, or just listen from the floor with our arms gently crossed over our chests.

This is a playlist of four songs showing my extreme middle-aged-ness LOL. The only unifying theme is that they are songs I played on pathological repeat for chunks of the last five to seven months. Hence, only four songs. But as I compiled this very short list, I realized they represent the four seasons.

Four Seasons in Seven Months

  1. Natural Disasters by Enon—this was all John D. I asked what songs evoked late 1990s/2000s sense of “indie rock” and he said Enon which sent me into a nostalgic tailspin. Spring

  2. Myth by Beach House. This is a fluke. I was playing it on the guitar because I thought it would be “easy” to use it to resume guitar playing. The chords are easy enough but I didn’t realize how hard the vocal register would be. Anyway, I then became obsessed with the lyrics. Summer

  3. Black Fly by Circuit Des Yeux. I am loving this register of voice. Contralto/Contra soprano. Autumn

  4. Long Season by Fishmans. Irma N mentioned being brought to tears hearing it on the radio, as it triggered old memories. 〜思い出すことは何だ?〜  Since I started the season cycle with someone else’s nostalgia it seemed appropriate to end with someone else’s nostalgia. It’s a lovely 35 minute song and every playlist should have a half hour radio dirge. Winter

I know I’ve talked about a couple of these songs already but like I said I got nothing new to write about this week. Keep the line open though. I want to tell you a funny story later.