There is not a day I do not want to eclipse you.

Is it just me or are there more frequent lunar and solar eclipses? Is it media reporting? Confirmation bias? Time collapsing? Age?

The English word eclipse stems from the Greek ékleipsis, meaning to forsake. Jeez, dramatic much? I imagine an emo priestess of Ephesus looking out at a dim Aegean pining “O, Sun, how you have forsaken us! Return.”

The Japanese words for eclipses:

月食 lunar+eat  日食 solar+eat

My appetite has cycles. The day, the week, moves through my head and I want to put your entire body in my mouth, fill my skin with your skin, but there is not a day I do not want to place my fingertip where your throat meets your jaw so I can make the sound of blood rushing generate new visions.