A love letter in two tones not including zero (silence)
Roy King
What it sounds like my son is saying (what he is actually saying) Penis (Peanuts) Fuck (Fork) Four (Fur) Fur (Four) White people (Wrecking ball) Oops…
Fait voir
Just sharing this article by Molly Young I wanted to talk about with you.
I am not asking for tomatoes in January. You tell me how much you like house slippers. I only ask if you want to wear socks. They will be more forgiving…
One Sentence Love Letter Heading into a new syntax of twenty firsts, I wonder what it might be like to know you with a different language of time.
A galaxy of violence does not indicate that the galaxy is violent.
One sentence love letter All I want most of the time is to hear your voice saying anything; nothing cruel.
My son demonstrates higher intelligence through withholding. He is almost three years old and repeats nonsense all the time. What explains the fact that…
Is it just me or are most books now about family in a way that would've been impossible in the 2000s?
One sentence love letter I have no thoughts on Joan Didion or the rest, but I want to hear yours before I die.